A Midsummer Night’s Dream in Greenlandic

Birgitte Nystrøm was in Nuuk, capital of Greenland, from 6/1/18 – 20/1/18 working at the Greenlandic National Theatre alongside Jennie Buckman with students from it’s connected Drama School leading a Shakespeare and acting/improvisation skills workshop.

Birgitte and Jennie are going back to Nuuk in May and June to co-direct  A Midsummer Night’s Dream in Greenlandic! Translated by Makka Kleist. It is the first time an entire Shakespeare play has been translated into Greenlandic and will be performed in Greenlandic, a world first!

The magical world in the play will be represented by spirits from the rich Greenlandic mythology.

It is a collaboration between The Greenlandic National Theatre and it’s own drama school, involving graduating actors and an existing professional ensemble.

Exciting to be part of it, see you there?

King LearKing Lear

‘Tis the time’s plague, when Madmen lead the Blind’.  

Working with Shakespeare will continue this coming autumn in Copenhagen/London where I and some great colleagues are digging into King Lear.

More to come….