With her special charm, which is at the same time dreamy, erotic and humoristic, she fills her roles with a shimmer of liveliness, melancholy and her own tough cheerfulness.Gertz Feigenberg Spektakel/Sceneliv
Birgitte Nystrøm has enough vigor to awaken the sexual urge in a dead person.Jens Okking Ekstra Bladet
Birgitte Nystrøm portrays the resigned Olga in Checkov’s Three Sisters with a raw self assurance.Birgitte Bartholy Frederiksborg Amts Avis

Birgitte Nystrøm… delicious and sincere, she radiates a secretive simplicity.La Croix

Acted superbly by Birgitte Nystrøm. Human comedy, bang in the middle of laughter and crying.Jens Kistrup Berlingske Tidende
Painfully beautiful but also liberating theatre with incomparable and unrivaled acting from Birgitte Nystrøm as the retarded Else.Beth Juncker Politiken
You’ve got to see Birgitte Nystrøm.CI.L Rivarol
Birgitte Nystrøm is a natural and sober star.Monique Violet Minute
It was Birgitte Nystrøm’s evening. She draws an amazing amount out of the play’s central character with a serenity and a genuine temperament.AF, Land og Folk
Birgitte Nystrøm came off strongest with the best sketch of the evening… a female parody of an arrogant, slightly depressed and tough Phillip Marlowe type.Birgitte Bartholy Frederiksborg Amts Avis
Birgitte Nystrøm is hard to knock down when she renders her version of Lou Reed’s Walk on the Wild side.Birthe Johansen Aktuelt
The writing is full of biting sarcasm and disarming self irony mixed with sweetness.Viggo Sørensen, Jyllandsposten
It is unlikely that you will come across any writing as good as this anywhere else. It is the quality of the writing that is so amazingly high and it pervades everything, from the comic, grim and satirical to the self ironic and more sensitive parts.Knud Schønberg Ekstra Bladet
Birgitte Nystrøm’s ‘Golden People’ rips the skin off all well-fed egotism.Knud Schønberg, Ekstra Bladet